6 Skin Benefits of Tea

Tea is a drink made out of leaves of a tea plant called Camellia sinensis.It has been appreciated throughout human history for its health endorsing effects. Tea drinking has been around for hundreds of years. In ongoing study, scientists are discovering that the local use of tea may confer many benefits to the skin. Rich in antioxidants, topically applied tea extracts help promote youthful, healthy skin. . There are many kinds of teas around the world, and everyone has its own characteristics. People enjoy this drink for its fragrance, taste, and numerous health benefits, including decreasing the danger of heart attack, helping weight loss, fighting free radicals,  lowering the risk of various diseases and many more.

Do you have any idea that tea is also good for the skin? Here are few details why you should let your skin drink tea!

1: Lessen Swollen Eyes and Dark Circles


A natural and economical swollen eye treatment is by using cooled teabags. Black tea has high caffeine content so it is best for this. After you’ve soaked your teabags, put them in a freezer in a airtight container. For use, take one tea bag over each eye and push down gently to release swollen eyes and decrease dark circle under eyes.

2: Revitalizing Anti-Acne Face Mask


Green tea holds catechins  that have anti-bacterial properties that can destroy acne-causing germs. Honey surrounds anti-inflammatory agents that can help lessen inflammation and redness  brought about by acne. The honey and green tea in a mask will help heal marks, smoothen your complexion and flush out toxins.

3: Relax Sunburn


Black tea is effective and inexpensive in treating sunburn. For use, you’ll need to steep three tea bags in warm water, soak a cloth, and apply it to the affected part. The tannins in the tea can help calm the burn so don’t wipe it off

4: Skin cleanser


Green tea has lots of antioxidants and it can be used to refresh and cleanse the skin as a toner.

5: Soothe Germ Infection


You can reduce and soothe the puffiness of insect bites by using teabags. Soak a few teabags in warm water and put on the tea bags to the affected area

6: Comforting After Shave


The soreness and redness that razor hurt leaves can be relaxed by softly applying cold tea bags to the affected part.

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