Café Supreme Coffee as an Aphrodisiac

Café supreme is enriched with the herbal medicine, Eurycoma longifolia also known as Tongkat ali. The medicine has its roots in Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand. It is referred as the “home-grown Viagra” of Malaysia due to its power of enhancing the male libido and helping restore the hormonal imbalance which improves sex drive in men.

What is the role of testosterone?

It is a hormone whose balance ensures increases muscles mass, reduced body fat, psychological vigor etc. The levels of testosterone tend to decrease drastically after you cross over 30. Even stress, environment and body health plays an important role too in maintaining its healthy level in the male body. Studies have been conducted in rodents where behaviors were analyzed over different levels of testosterone and it was deduced that high levels of testosterone accounted for improved sex drive and energy levels.

Uses of Tongkat ali?

It has been used for centuries to help improve the sexual desires and resolve issues like male impotence. Although it has many other uses as well but it is its role as an aphrodisiac which has earned it its fame all over the world in modern times. It is for this reason that Malaysian government and many other private institutions have shown an avid interest in sustaining and developing research on the libido-enhancing qualities of Tongkat ali. A study was carried out on men aged between 35 and 55 and it was seen that the use of Tongkat ali significantly increased their sexual libido by over 11% in just two weeks.

If an extract of Tongkat ali is used during weight-training, there has been a visible difference in the body’s abilities to loose fat and build up lean body mass. The root also helps cut down on stomach fat which further gives body the strength to build upon the male muscles.

Daily usage

For results, use a standardized quantity of the extract daily and see visible results in just a few weeks. It is suggested to have it in hot water for better results.

Unlike all other supplements Café supreme carries the real Tongkat ali extract. Since the root has no taste of its own, it is difficult to identify its presence in the coffee which has Ginseng & Ganoderma as its other key ingredients. Use it daily for a month and feel the difference for yourself.

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