Is Coffee Good For You?

Evidences are increasing that moderate coffee intake may protect us from a range of diseases and even increase life span.

In March this year, scientists at Japan’s National Cancer Centre released some intriguing results. Their study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, recorded the lives and deaths of more than ninety thousand people. The routine of drinking coffee is associated with lower risk of total mortality and three leading causes of death in Japan.

There are dozens of coffee benefits on health, it protects from diabetes, liver disease, Parkinson disease, prostate cancer and many more. Ganoderma Coffee such as Organo Gold Coffee and Gano Excel Coffee stands at top worldwide when organic coffee brands are ranked.

A study of more than twenty five thousand coffee drinkers shows that moderate daily consumption is associated with a decreased risk for Coronary Artery Calcium. Coronary Artery Calcium is a great predictor of future heart disease. Consumption of four cups of coffee a day was found to moderately reduce risk for melanoma, which is a highly dangerous skin cancer. The study supports a previous finding of a link between coffee and a reduced risk for basal cell carcinoma that is a most common type of skin cancer.

Scientists have studied the effects of coffee on various aspects of health and their result have been nothing short of amazing. Here are few benefits of Coffee.

  • Coffee Lower the Risk of Alzheimer and Parkinson

Coffee makes you smarter in short period and protects your brain in old age. Alzhener is  the most common neurodegenerative disorder in the world and a leading cause of dementia. Parkinson is also the most common neurodegenerative disorder, considered by death of dopamine generating neurons in the brain. Coffee lower the risk of Alzheimer 60% and lower the chances of Parkinson 32-60%.

  •  Coffee is Filled with Nutrients and Antioxidants

Many of nutrients in the coffee beans do make it into the final drink and actually contains a decent amount of vitamins and minerals. Coffee cup comes with Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5), Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Niacin (B3) and Thiamine (B1). Coffee is big source of antioxidants and Nutrients.

  •  Coffee Makes You Smarter

Coffee does not keep you awake but it makes you smarter as well. Caffeine in coffee is astimulant and the commonly consumed psychoactive substance and blocked the effects of an inhibitory neurotransmitter called Adenosine. It helps in release of other neurotransmitters like dopamine and norepinephrine. Caffeine potently blocks an inhibitory neurotrans mitter in the brain that leads to a net stimulant effect. It is also effective in control of trials show that caffeine improves both mode and brain function.

  • Coffee Lower Your Risk of Type II Diabetes

Drinking coffee is associated with a drastically reduced risk of type II diabetes. Consumption of several cups per day are the least likely to become diabetic patient.

  • Coffee Improves Physical Performance and Help You in Burn Fat

Caffeine raises the metabolic rate and helps to mobilize fatty acids from the fat tissues. It is effective in enhance of physical performance.

  • Coffee Decrease the Risk of Dying

Coffee consumption has been associated with a lower risk of death in prospective epidemiological studies.

  • Coffee is Extremely Good For Your Liver

Coffee appears to be protective against certain liver disorders, lower the risk of cirrhosis by as much as 80% and the risk of liver cancer by 40%.

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