What You Need to Know About Organo Gold


Bernardo Chua the CEO of the company established Organo Gold back in 2008. It laid its foundation in Canada, in a small shop with only three employees. In just two short years, Organo Gold became one of the fastest growing network marketing companies in the world. Before establishing Organo Gold the CEO was already a successful businessman. He was the one who introduced an ancient Chinese herb known as Ganoderma to the rest of the world. Organo Gold is the only company who distributes Ganoderma infused products across 6 continents in 35 different countries with an incredible line of products. Organo Gold is now a global network marketing company, which has a mission to spread knowledge of Ganoderma to the entire world and it has accomplished in doing so with the passage of time. Its goal is to help people improve their lives by reaching new levels of wellness, prosperity and balance, through their health beneficial products. Today, Organo Gold is a well-developed firm, which has created positive impact on a large scale. Organo Gold is a non-profit organization that is helping create the leaders of tomorrow by enriching the lives of young people around the world.

About Organo Gold Beverages:

Using Ganoderma Lucidum mainly makes the Organo Gold Ganoderma beverages. It is 100% pure and organic. It is well known for its health benefits and healing qualities for centuries regions of China and Japan. People around the globe are getting addicted towards the tasty and beneficial products of Organo Gold premium gourmet beverages. Organo Gold produces wide variety of beverages, which include gourmet Mocha, gourmet Latte, hot chocolate, green tea, gourmet king of coffee and many more. These products are designed to suit any lifestyle, and are enhanced with ancient Chinese herbal remedies that have been widely used, but before Organo Gold remained largely unknown outside of Eastern herbal medicine.

Purpose of Organo Gold Products:

Organo Gold Ganoderma has been known for centuries for alkalizing and oxygenating the body to provide lifetime good health, removing the basis for osteoporosis, arthritis, adult-onset diabetes, heart disease, and many other degenerative conditions including cancer. No disease can survive in a super oxygenated environment. Ganoderma herb used in these coffees is a super herb, which rapidly oxygenates body and automatically adjusts PH to a healthy balance at the cellular level. It provides one with a healthier life.

Benefits of Organo Gold Products: 

  • Fight against arthritis, adult onset of diabetes and osteoporosis.
  • It regulates metabolism and helps in shedding extra pounds.
  • The ganoderic acids in the healthy Organo Gold coffee fight cancer, particularly liver cancer and colon cancer caused by other coffees.
  • Enhances sexual functioning systems for both the sex.
  • Improves sleeping patterns and fights insomnia.
  • Regulates and improves the digestive system and provides body with sufficient minerals.
  • Gives relief from the pain of sinuses, and other respiratory congestions particularly asthma.
  • Energizes and invigorates the body and mind.
  • Helps in healing of skin wounds, scrapes, psoriasis, mouth ulcers, external bleeding, bug bites and stings

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