Why Drinking Hot Chocolate Can Make You Nicer?

Hot chocolate is a perfect companion for cold winter nights when all we need is a little warm. May be you don’t know what other amazing benefits this hot chocolate has to offer.

The University of Colorado and University of Yale conducted a study where participants were taken to the designated testing room. Some of the participants were handed over a cup of warm coffee and others were given iced coffee.

They were all required to rate a fictional person on 10 different traits such as honesty vs. dishonesty. The result shows that the participants which were holding the warm cup of coffee tend to rate the fictional person as warmer than those who held the iced coffee. According to David J. Linden Physical warmth produced ‘interpersonal warmth’ in these participants.

As stated by University of Michigan Health System, babies in institutions or orphanages does not reach their developmental milestones at the expected time. An ongoing major or minor delay in the process of development will be clear after this article.

Suzi Godson of the Huffington Post reported that in 1967, to assess how often people touched each other during a conversational hour the humanist psychologist Dr. Sidney Jourard conducted an informal study. He examined several countries to count people’s touch during a conversational hour and it was different in different areas. For example In Paris it was 115, In Mexico City it was 185, In Florida it was two and In London it was a big fat zero.

We can conclude that it is important to have a cup of hot chocolate before you start your day. It can make a big difference in overall work habits, feelings and interpersonal relations with others.​

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