World’s Most Expensive Foods

Have A Can Of Beluga Caviar Costs £24,000, £325 Cup Of Cat Poo Coffee, And £2,000 Plane Meal.

The world’s most expensive food had been chosen and you won’t believe how much they cost! £325 Cup Of Cat Poo Coffee, £2,000 Plane Meal and £24,000 Beluga Caviar. These are the world’s most expensive foods. The unbelievable prices of the world’s most expensive food are not the only one that could surprise you. In other side preparation of these foods is also costly, how much they are unique, and the process how they are prepared will confidently shock anyone. The richest people in the world could taste all these foods in their lifetime.

Kopi Luwak coffee is also in the list of the world’s most expensive foods, where the coffee beans used to make it pass through the vital and wide process. They used cherries to make these beans available in the Sumatran Jungle in the stomach of an Asian Palm Civet. When they gathered cherries to make coffee beans for a cup of emerald coffee, richest people pay £325 for a cup of diamond coffee,  £60 for a cup of ruby and £10 for a cup of coffee.

In the world’s most expensive food show that was aired, we can see where the billionaires source these foods.

There is Beluga Caviar in the list of the most expensive foods which cost is £24,000. The founder of Kings Fine Food and the largest importer of Caviar ‘Laura King’says that ‘caviar stands for luxury’. For about 25 years, King has been serving the Ritz and Claridges. Can of Beluga Caviar costs £12,000 and a rare kind of Beluga Caviar can be ordered at £24,000.

On a flight, in the regular economy meal costs the airline £1-£2 per head, In the first class meal costs £4-£10 and by On Air Dining Company the private jet meal is offered at heavy costs £250-£1,000 per head.

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  1. Seru

    that is what the rich eat, they have so much money they dont know what to do with their money but eat sohmietng nasty like fish eggs . i could find sohmietng else much more appetizing to eat than that .

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